Plan Your Next Mission with Tactical Game Table

Tired of getting pwned in first person shooters and strategy games?  Already a video-game pro and want to maintain your edge?  You need to plan your next mission with Tactical Game Table, the only video game mission planning system available on the iPhone and iPod Touch!!!

The United States Military uses an age-old tool called a sand table to quickly plan missions before deployment.  Sand tables are proven effective training and planning tools used by the U.S. Marines and Army on a daily basis.  Built with sand tabling in mind, Tactical Game Table allows you to draw up your mission plan and share it with your team members, ultra fast.  

Whether you are into first person shooters, strategy games, role playing games, or paintball, Tactical Game Table will give you the planning edge you need to win.

Check out these features:
  • Streamlined interface for ultra-fast mission planning.
  • Plan your strategy for any type of environment with included sand, concrete, grass, and deep space background maps.
  • Load your own map images into the background and draw your mission plan directly on it.
  • Playback controls allow you to replay your mission plan after drawing.
  • Capture and email an image of your Game Table as you construct it with only one tap.
  • Tactical icon overlays allow for friendly, hostile, and navigational identification.
  • Ground terrain icons allow you to plan your missions around health, explosives, weapons, ammo, roads, trees, water, etc.
  • Space-based environment icons allow you to plan your battles in outer space around space stations, pods, ships, weapons, debris, stars, black holes, etc.
  • Save multiple Tactical Game Tables and quickly load and modify them as needed.
Not into video games? Tactical Game Table is perfect for planning paintball missions with your friends.  

Tactical Game Table is the ultimate mission planning tool for your next first person shooter, tactical, or strategic video game.  Buy it now and start planning your way to winning!

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